Thursday, July 15, 2010

FREEHAND instance - Drawing Football

FREEHAND instance - Drawing Football

Today we use Freehand to draw a football through the examples are familiar with image and fish eye tools.

1, first page, place the two intersect in the auxiliary line, and open the Snap to Guides and Snap to Point 2; double-click the polygon tool, enter the number of edges of 5, by ok exit (Figure 1).

2, hold down Alt + Shift, so the mouse position and auxiliary line intersection, then pulled out of a regular pentagon rule, and confirm that the top fixed-point "paste" in the vertical auxiliary line. (Figure 2)

3, then start from the point of intersection along the vertical line segment supporting line drawing, remember to exceed the Pentagon's highest point, beyond the specific length is not particularly important, looks and pentagons of the sideline almost long on it. (Figure 3)

4, clone pentagon, and then rotate 180 掳, drag it up so that the node is just the bottom line of the endpoint contacts, filling the two pentagons is black. (Figure 4) to select the two pentagons and line segments, and then use the Group command building group.

5, we now need to set about mirroring tool, when you double-click the tool, the interface appears in Figure 5. Set the image type is Multiple, the number is 5, the option to Rotate, press ok out.

6, move the mouse to the center of a pentagon, as Snap to Point is open, so the mouse to move to the center marked by the image tool into the mouse with a black box style. When you see this style, immediately press the mouse will get four copies. Figure 6

7, plotted in Figure 7, the additional red tag line, which is like a bridge connecting pentagon. Then select all the graphics, to build group.


8, create a new layer, hold down Alt + Shift and then drag from the point of intersection of a perfect circle, remember: This round will not draw more than the previous graphic. (Figure 8) temporarily lock this layer, make the following changes do not affect it.

9, now under the fish-eye tool set, double-click the fish-eye tool you can see in Figure 9 the settings window, set the value of Convex 100, according to exit ok.

10, distorted graphics in your front, slightly moving about, so off-center. Can skip this step, make graphics just show in the center, it all depends on your needs. (Figure 10)

11, in the fish-eye tool selected, press and hold Alt + Shift drag up from the center and outside of the circular stapler. After the release of the mouse can get a smooth surface of the football. (Figure 11)

12, select the graphics, using cut command temporarily cut to the clipboard, and then select the circle (unlock), press the Paste Inside to paste the original graphics. Thus, almost complete. (Figure 12)

13, select the circle, remove the external contour, and then apply the circular radiation gradient. (Figure 13)

Finally, add some random effects, such as increasing the relief effect, make it look deep. (Figure 14)


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