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Discuz! 7.0 mature and stable inheritance is more effective and user-friendly re-

From September 18 Discuz! 7.0 official experience platform ( on-line test so far, Discuz! 7.0 test by the majority of owners concerned about a friend of enthusiasm and active support. With the end of National Day holiday, Discuz! 7.0 tests also reported about a paragraph, and here are the simple Xiaobian introduce to you the whole Discuz! 7.0 product overview.

Discuz! Community forum system for seven years like a day, Discuz! 7.0 launch is not just a technology level improve, more importantly, the design concept of the perfect online community. Discuz! 7.0 great breakthrough in the design, the design of the new version of the core idea is: to improve the reading experience of the Forum to accelerate the participation of new users forum early speed, to simplify complex issues.

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The general site search engine is the source of the important traffic. In most forums, the forum through a search engine to link to a very high proportion of page views. Forum posts are questions and answers show the contents of the form, very suitable answer from the visitors with the search issue, transfer Browsing users the information they need. A chaotic layout, navigation messy page, on the View-based user like a nightmare. Discuz! 7.0 in the original version of the product based on the optimization of the user reading experience, combined with the characteristics of the new users do a lot of details on the adjustments. Product designers a detailed study of Time magazine, Business Week, Netease famous site, based on the application of the new trends in user scientific analysis. Improve the experience of reading the forum, specifically to improve the product number, color, line spacing, column width and other nuances.

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Currently online community is a very popular application, many new Internet users in the major SNS in bubble time, to buy slaves, play games, do not know the forums are. Majority of owners want to increase their forum friends membership, but the forum's users younger age groups, so these users finally pulled over, and these new users have felt awkward, not knowing point where I do not know what to do, After seeing eyes, close your browser hurriedly leave. This is the most general webmaster friends do not want to see the results, so Discuz! 7.0 especially for new users to do some improvements, including adding the page a "post" button, an increase of the sidebar to reduce the number of obscure " Forum terms "and so on, so that the user to more easily start a new forum.

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Community is to share a place, users tend to bulk upload several attachments, especially the exchange of community resources, annex uploading more important attachments on the relatively large number of users, Discuz! 7.0 in particular to improve the user bulk upload attachments, enhance the efficiency of the users to upload attachments. In Discuz! 7.0 in the original upload mechanism will also be made to strengthen and achieve a number of accessories bulk upload feature, one can upload bulk upload multiple files, and does not require any additional installation procedures for various servers environment. Annex bulk upload feature more than a forum for users more convenient application efficiency.

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Newbie Forum template for many Jianzhan adjustments are no start, I feel very bad changes. Can be handy to improve the template style, very few friends. Carefully observe the large number of forum templates, real claim to the rare boutique. Why is there such a phenomenon? Because the forum module for the threshold is still relatively complicated. UCenter Home's personal home page for a background image can let the big change the page style, very popular with ordinary users welcome, Discuz! 7.0 template improvements have made some reference. Discuz! 7.0 to webmaster can modify one or two places to generate a good forum for the appearance, reduce the threshold for individual forums. Higher technical level makes it easier for owners to produce unique fine template for forum-building flourishing, not monotonous.

Discuz! 7.0 Forum, a custom interface to improve navigation. Forum navigation bar like a window, the menu navigation bar on the sort, size, color, etc., are used to guide the forum user habits. The new version adds custom navigation features, owners can set the page to their own needs first navigation bar. Compared to similar products in terms of, Discuz! Custom navigation bar features custom items and more, set flexible and powerful functionality, owners can not write HTML code, the same can customize the forum navigation bar.

Discuz! 7.0 points a custom integration mechanism to improve the trading strategy. Discuz! Forum powerful integration mechanism has been the majority of users. Discuz! 7.0 points in the trading side is also set to make new improvements. In the upcoming new version, Discuz! Development team should be owners request, anxious owners are worried about an increase of the Forum feature custom integration transactions. Website owners can set their own needs different trading points. With the prestige of the purchase of an invitation code, with money to buy props, like how to use on how to set.

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Discuz! 7.0 to improve the background management, classification of information management more explicit. In order to meet the owners of the classified information management needs, Discuz! 7.0 Classification of information management component will be independent in the background, the subject achieved the classification of information classification and management separation. Categories of information background independent, two separate categories related to option set, owners in the management set up will be more flexible and convenient. Meanwhile Discuz! 7.0 can also be easily classified information, two for more detailed information categories, and more convenient to find them. Subject Classification and separation of classified information, classified information management make more clear. Improved classification of information management background to improve the management efficiency of the community, the majority of owners, especially the local community and the professional community of owners has a positive meaning friends.

Discuz! 7.0 to increase the station's close assistant background option search. Although a good navigation and page design allows users to find what they need, but for some novice webmaster, the front office functions as the forum for the increase in background option also corresponds to increasing the background range of projects from novice to find the necessary is not easy. In Discuz! 7.0, by adding the option to search the background, in the background as long as the input of the corresponding keyword, you can quickly find the corresponding set options to facilitate the people behind the scenes, both rookie and veterans are more Province heart and effort. In contrast, similar products can only search a single page, but Discuz! 7.0 background to a background search can search all the options, and can automatically update as the project updates to help owners quickly find the desired function.

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Discuz! 7.0 integrates Ucenter style, background fusion UCenter function, using SMS independent interface. After integration with UCenter Discuz! 6.1 performance, style, fashion. Pop-up message to its original level display, the new version of the Forum will continue UCenter design. According to UCenter interface uses a separate text message interface, through new design, the user in viewing the use and intuitive to find information more easily, quickly find what you need. Forum new version of the background is also embedded UCenter management background, the background in the forum owners can directly manage UCenter background, simple and convenient.

Discuz! 7.0 can customize the background log file name. Which set the background in log file name, default admincp.php. Modify the file name by itself can prevent theft when the administrator password, the intruder can enter the management background, to a certain extent to enhance the security of the Forum.

New version of Discuz! Exclusive development with anti-fall system, after a few optimization. System to manage permissions for a relatively large background constraints, management background is also strict filtering of all data and the template editor, database import, which may lead to privilege escalation or to place the operation carried out against Trojan. File verification tool to help owners check the forum files to ensure the integrity of system files, effective malicious Trojan, hacking attacks.

Meanwhile Discuz! 7.0 improve the local password security, password encryption. LAN ARP cheating rampant now, the user password to the server after the local MD5 help improve the user account security. Discuz! 7.0 improve the local encrypted password, the password is sent encrypted in the local to the server. When the user logs on, the system first in the local user's password encryption, authentication server to refer to a certain extent, prevent the network when the user is monitored easily after the user password theft case, as far as possible to ensure the security of user account.

Discuz! 7.0 picture feature improved animation. An avatar is an interactive community where users personalize commonly used applications are Discuz! After the change in the relatively large opening UCenter where more user feedback is also one of the functions. Made for users Discuz! 6.1 upgraded version does not support GIF animation, flash operation inconvenience views, develop sector expertise to do some improvements and optimization. In the new application, upload the flash head to do a re-development and operation of the new version of the uploaded picture is more simple and clear, while supporting the GIF animation upload and cutting, so that the user's head and more personality.

Discuz! 7.0 innovative design of the mission system, and enhance the interaction between the Forum. Mission system from UCenter Home, combines the characteristics of the Forum was to strengthen. Webmaster can be in the background under the existing mandate of the task template to generate your own plan, operation similar to the data in the call list of topics is very easy call. Discuz! 7.0 provide examples of procedures for developing plug-in developers to learn, develop, facilitate the development webmaster forum features more suitable for the task of their own script. As the tasks and functions are inherited features can include tasks that must be completed before a task can perform the next task, given the forum, and plug-ins to expand a larger space, or even to develop similar "RPG type" application effect.

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Discuz! 7.0 full account of the old plug-in compatibility, the Discuz! 6.1 plug-ins under the normal operation can continue Discuz! 7.0 to run. Need to modify only some of the old plug-in template (this is inevitable, after all, Discuz! 7.0 template for a thorough revision) can achieve good effects. And the old plug-ins can also be combined with Discuz! 7.0 new module script, mission systems, developing new plug-in interface based on the new version, so the old plug-in play in the new version features a larger, better application results.

Discuz! 7.0 Sidebar systems has been improved to sidebar inherited the previous Discuz! 6.1 of the side bar system and has been enhanced. Sidebar kernel data call function module added custom script calls. Discuz! 7.0 release will be built a few blocks scripts, such as the Forum list (Tree), assistant, post content, free code, and more. And provide examples of procedures for developing plug-in developers to learn and expand. Therefore, in the past such as "Home n grid" and other plug-in plug-ins will have a unified platform.

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Details of the product life, the new improvements, are all the details of everywhere! At present, the majority of owners test the observations and recommendations, Discuz! 7.0 has made a number of fine-tuning the details and changes. Delivered improved fast, fast response and the application of improved expression, score showed improvement, set the switch back the pop-up layer interface, and so on, a series of improvements to simplify the application greatly increased the efficiency of the Forum. We hope that the webmaster friends carefully observed, carefully found.

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