Friday, September 24, 2010

China's attitude towards certain of HL7

China's introduction of HL7 as an inevitable, and the deployment of HL7 HL7 CDA is an entry point for the hospital.

July 12, Beijing Institute of Hospital Management has organized the Second Conference, the meeting attendees introduced HL7 CDA. The first to HL7 (Healthcare Layer Seven) standard into China, Peking University, Professor Zhou Zijun announced at the meeting of a new change: the Ministry of Health Statistical Information Center deputy director Wang have been elected President of the preparation of the HL7 China, he himself and Health Department of Hospital Management Institute will be jointly elected Vice-Ming Liang.

Wang only said: "The current standard of national health information needs are urgent. On the HL7 China to restructure, is an important thing." HL7 China in the first 15 members of the unit, including two hospitals - People's Liberation Army General Hospital, Beijing Union Medical College Hospital.

HL7 is the United States Organization for Standardization (American National Standards, ANSI) accredited standards development organization Health Information (Standards Developing Organizations, SDOs) specializing in clinical and management data exchange standards development. HL7 has gone through 10 years of history, its membership is drawn from suppliers, developers, users, and government advisory bodies. HL7 is a non-profit volunteer organization, but the deployment of HL7 HL7 medical institutions are required to pay the necessary fees.

Wang introduced only after the last few years of exploration, China's health information technology departments and hospitals, public health information specialists to recognize that China is not possible nor necessary to start exploring a new set of health information exchange standards. "The main push of SNOMED compared to the British standard, HL7 is a more economical and practical choice close to the hospital in China."

"China is an inevitable trend in the introduction of international standards." Fourth Military Medical University, Department of Statistics Director, Professor Xu Yongyong said, "HL7 is the essence of the expression of the information into a structured XML data, address data exchange issues. China is now focused on the development of information own norms and standards. "

The establishment of HL7 China also means that China will draw on international standards, "production and operational" mode. Wang only that the current organization of the Ministry of Health led the formulation of health information standards for research, are still the way to the project, the lack of long-term mechanism to protect the standard of promotion, operation.

The HL7 a marked maturity, "HL7 is working to promote the integration of a series of HL7 standards as the ISO sub-standards, including HL7 v2.5, v3, and the HL7 CDA release2." IBM Global Healthcare Industry Standards Project Leader Dr. Jilll Kaufman . IBM HL7 China as a member of the Committee, the HL7 specialized field of invited senior experts worldwide, nearly a hundred medical industry for the domestic information technology training for people to do. Dr. Jill Kaufman long-term focus on HL7, is a HL7 CDA (Clinical Document Architecture, Clinical Document Architecture) standard, one of the important authors. CDA standardized clinical electronic document exchange process in the data structure, the successful implementation of HL7 is a very important factor. CDA is a three-tier structure, the current majority of hospitals are still in the implementation of the first layer. Jill recommends "China Hospital, started from the first floor, which is a standard for electronic document data structure with the first segment (header). This general hospital is very simple."

Open standards, IBM Greater China program director Lin Xuguang said: "HL7 standards is a very powerful, but the country should start from where the deployment of HL7? Our proposal is, CDA is a very good starting point."

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