Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Emasculated iPhone ye use?

iPhone into China's news that the N for a long time, and the last to point Kaopu news. Foxconn has OEM without wifi for iPhone. These are castrated, beautiful, gorgeous iPhone is being created Foxconn sweatshops. Maybe that Sun Danyong iPhone is missing that sets a group of eunuchs.

I have long wanted to have an iPhone, although I bought my wife has always supported, but the opportunity has not been for mobile phone, so any further delays. Even though I did have so I own a cell phone, but I have several times used the opportunity to experience what is the phone's "flip" and what is the phone's "cool" and what is Apple's design philosophy.

My deepest thoughts and feelings with the iPhone of course is his Internet access at home connected to my infinite router, with a finger sliding screen, visit the website, whether at home anywhere, the bed, the bathroom can be, do not hold the heavy series of books back and forth. Home the desktop, I opened some of the shared directory, you can access through the iPhone, which is a small LAN, I can swim unimpeded in the inside, not to any other restrictions. My site I call the shots.

iPhone into China, it is frustrating to be castrated, and it lost one of his communications, you have no way to re-form your own local area network, and only use operators to offer ultra-expensive 3G flow (do not know transmission effect how), or you only use the data cable transmission you need content.


China's ancient wise better than other ethnic groups, creating a non-M non-woman race - eunuch.

Now the eunuch did not, but we have a way to castrate electronic products, we created a new electronic products - no WiFi in the iPhone.

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