Friday, October 15, 2010

Not necessarily the shortest line between two points

As the teacher said, give it away to first go to the railway station, we can start talking, waiting for him.

Speaking of doing good business now, great brother who said that the city of Weihai, for in the absence of capital, not related to the general public for almost nothing and making money. Have capital, you can invest in real estate, using the industry some of the secret operations, earning profits; have an absolute hard relationship, do you let the country introduced the third generation of compulsory identity cards, national 1.6 billion people, a 10, you can make 16 billion. Of course these are extreme, such a social reality in China, real money trading is concentrated in the hands of a privileged class. Information they have received priority, the first time to seize the business opportunities; they have the absolute right to speak, the opposite often lead media coverage. To the general public, even though the chance, only some leftovers cold pig. (A little angry youth, but the right is very justified)

Some people would come up with some of the Northeast crooked trick: loans bought a house, building their own children living grass, let the house to someone else to live. Lure you with low rent, but the deposit would be very expensive, Weihai generally have to sign a rental contract for one year. They are either, when you lease to finding fault, said the house where damage refundable deposit; either you live two or three months, they were secretly looking for tenants to find stubble, so you think that living in what seems to offend who can no longer afford to live in the. At this time, you did not contract to, of course, can not return the deposit, on nothing with it. (The first time I hear him say, think about a very scary, fortunately did not encounter their own. Renters after we have paid attention:)

Account because it is done, he describes some of the household registration management business. More contacts, he specializes in about that. Now who's job more freedom, not every company can Luohu Kou, the company needs to have a collective property accounts. In China now seems, account control, albeit loose, but in the marriage, ah, ah do it overseas is still very strict.

Students eager to do a marriage license, so have to do. Think of the two classes had 120 individuals, a dozen decline, school even more numerous. He specializes in companies that help us to open La Hukou, and then each received a few hundred dollars a year can make a very substantial sum. Spend a few hundred pieces to fall, most people would be very willing. Because you go to the police station, residence Section, Personnel Bureau, with no relationship, those birds who do not dilute Even when you, give you a problem everywhere. A few days ago my classmates and I to Personnel Advisory things about La Hukou is the case, those birds were on the point of a good attitude, and the other had pulled was not, like if the money owed to them. (Estimated to have dealt with their friends have this experience, when anxious to pull out their shot.)

Like this there are customs, taxation, justice, government departments, the experience something to look for them to do so, is simply a waste of time, even if the money is not so. Because we do not understand the rules of the game which, but they often save trouble to make their own, constantly playing, you kicked back and forth. You end up wasting more time will not necessarily be good, really sad ah.

Compared with the relationship between some of those sectors hard, just to set up a similar kind of intermediary, such as customs agents ah, accounting firms, law firms, real estate agent, registered agent and so on. By their departments to talk to those representations, we 浜ら挶. Three happy: Government departments, focus on a few agents, they save trouble, and to Guan Li Fei, or any fees other name, Ke Yi remove the suspicion of bribery; agent, a measure of their professionalism, to make money perfectly justifiable; we need Banli those people who spend money to buy peace of mind thing, not bad.

Mathematical terms, the shortest line between two points. In dealing with these things, the contrary, we do one thing to need around a bend. Not necessarily the shortest line between two points.


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